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TCDC and Williamson Park
TCDC is proposing to lodge a resource consent application for events to be held at Williamson Park over a proposed 15-year period.

That consent will be lodged later this year and will be fully publicly notified.

This proposal has aroused a lot of interest in our community.

An updated version of the proposal was discussed at the Whangamata Community Board meeting held on 17 April 2018.  Due to the large  number of members of the public requesting an opportunity to speak during the public forum the meeting venue was changed to the Memorial hall.

The updated version can be found by clicking the link below:

At the public meeting held on 14 April and the Community Board meeting held 17 April it became clear that many ratepayers are unaware of the history surrounding the gifting of Williamson Park to the residents of Whangamata. 

To assist in presenting some of this history we have made available some original documentation along with some original corresdondence between the Williamson family and the relevant local bodies which controled the area at that time.

To view a copy of the Memorandum of Transfer click the link below:

Memorandum of Transfer Williamson Park

To view copies of some original correspondence between the Williamson family and controlling local bodies click the link below:

Some original correspondence

Here we publish (with the writers’ consent) two letters and some background material concerning the proposal.

Click the link below to view the letter

Click here for Williamson Park information


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